“Saving you time and money while having a pleasant cooperation is what we are here for.”

We specialize in setting up local branches and trouble shooting in existing operations.

For all our services we keep track of time and provide insights in our activities. Depending on the project costs are either by hourly fee, result based (by activity) or fixed.


Integrated package

Just before launching your local business a whole lot of activities need deployment sharing a number of aspects: they’re one-off, highly locally specialized, they need be done properly and in line with central demands.
As your trusted local partner we offer an integrated package of services, either in house or via our network of trusted partners, to ease, improve and speed-up the process of starting your business in The Netherlands, including administrative advice and execution, operational services and commercial activities.

Trouble shooting

Companies already operating in the Netherlands while finding themselves in an unwanted and/or unforeseen position we can support by providing intelligence, local knowledge and legal possibilities. We also provide interim management, both for transition- as end-phase of the operation.

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About us

Having worked in international business environments for over 15 years, Bas Rogaar is very well aware of the challenges these specific environments provide. Co-founding a company with local branches all over Europe it came clear that a trusted local partner in the pre-launching phase could be of great value. Having worked in the local branches of internationally run companies he’s seen and experienced the differences between HQ and the local branch. Becoming managing director for a local branch in NL he’s experienced the amount of time spent on one-off activities part of the set-up process.

If required your project can be addressed as PRINCE2. Advantages are that all involved are aware of expectations and budget is set. Besides, due to reporting methods, learnings can be exported to other markets.

Bas Rogaar | Founder

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